Better Than The Stories About Me

  • ​Who am I? 

Lol even I don’t know that answer properly! 😅

I am…umm…a fellow Homo Sapien like you nice people? 😛 Haha

Well I am a student. A “Science” student. (Yes go on… Make that big O with your lips. Looks good on you. 😑)

I used to study in South Point High School till 10th grade. Now completing my 12th from B. D. Memorial International.

My Gravatar bio explains the rest of it…

As for my hobbies, I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. 💃 And I play for my school’s Basketball 🏀 team occasionally.

And I am into monochrome sketches and paintings. Art has fascinated me always… I used to draw the usual houses, suns, and buses, when I was a kid obviously! Now it has evolved into something like this… 

Other than struggling with love, life and politics, I somehow manage time to work for a relief funds, am a content-writer for CRY India, make yearly donations at Heal The World foundation (set up by my favourite musician and humanitarian Michael Jackson) and the Organisation for AIDS and Cancer Research, India.
As for my interests, I listen to music… Usually the genre ranges from Pop, Rock, Ekectripop,  Soul, Blues, Country Pop to the local Hindi and Bengali bands of India. Artists vary from the legends like Kishore Kumar, Geeta Dutt, Mohd. Rafi to the international sensations Beatles, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Journey, Michael Jackson etc.

And of course the newer brigade… Shakira, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift (my song was inspired from this! 😛), Anupam Roy, Niti Mohan etc. 

Okay now… I read a lot. Like a hell lot.

I mean, half of my bedroom is occupied by this massive bookshelf filled with love 📚 and I don’t have any place to sleep. 😅

And I research on almost anything and everything that catches my attention. 17 volumes of research papers are lying there somewhere… 📰 📖

I have a certain fantasy regarding Paranormal and Spirituality. 👻 🏯
It’s not like I’m not afraid of ghosts or anything… I still find my doll as scary as Chucky, and I hate flying cockroaches! 🎃 Yet I have the most enviable collection of Horror Movie DVDs at home. 😜

Just that by the decade, I’ve become more and more non-violent and now I don’t give a shit about anyone, 😒 except of course your my mom or dad or my bestie Aditya or you’ve fed me Pizza 🍕 sometime in the past… 😌

I can Cook, you know?  🍜 🍔 🍮 🍝 🍛 🍲
Yep… 😎 I can make Biriyanis, Risottos, Manchurian Egg Noodles, Pizza and almost anything if you can just light the gas for me… 😅 I can’t do that.

Okay I should stop now. 😶 Sorry for making ya’ll hungry!

I love you’ll too okay? 💕 

  • How did I come into existence?  

Stop blushing. This ain’t biology here. 😝
I was born in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. (Yea yea…that awesome school area where Main Hoon Naa was shot! 😂) Thankfully Darjeeling is known more for being the Queen of Hills rather than being famous for some 50yrs old Dilwale guy. 😅
No I’m not Nepali. And I don’t have silky straight hair. 😑

My dad’s a physician (you’ll get the irony later sweets 😂) and mom’s a nursing superintendent. They met in the 90’s while working in the same hospital in Darjeeling.

No… It wasn’t a love marriage. 

Gosh you peeps are so over-imaginative these days! 😂

My dad’s the kinda guy who’ll end up saying “How’s your daddy? ” instead of “Who’s your daddy?” and then put his clothes back on to discuss Grandpa’s cholesterol. 😝

Haha! The marriage was planned entirely by dad’s badass guy friends (other residential doctors in the hospital)! 😜 One of them, a certain Dr. Koley even operated on mom when I was born… Lol…such is the power of good friendship! 😌
And somehow Mom and Dad agreed because they were both single and very much eligible for each other. 

And thus…

I was born. 😎

Aren’t you glad? 😂

**confetti bursting from the heavens** 🎊


  • What is the meaning of my name? 

Since the day I was born into this wonderful planet Earth by defeating a million of my dad’s sperms to race of a lifetime, I was lovingly (and annoyingly 😑) named Satavisha by my beloved Grandma (the ONLY freaky mistake she ever made before passing away 2yrs later… 😐 ) I 💗 you Dida…
Now over the past 15yrs of my interesting life, quite a few number of my wildly imaginative friends have given rise to some vague speculation (and controversy for that matter) regarding the meaning of my awesome out-of-this-world weird name… 😅

So today, as I am on the verge of ending my teenage life soon…I’ve decided to remove the curtains over this mystery forever and after!  😎

Ahem…here I go…
My name Satavisha is basically the name given to a constellation (group of stars like the Great Bear or the Plough) in space. 🌌 The actual spelling of the name is Shatabhisha I guess…that’s what Wikipedia says atleast. Nevertheless it’s a weird name and annoyingly people have a hard time spelling it too! 😫 You most definietly have NO idea about the variety of spellings I’ve heard about it… Sattavisha/Satawisha/Suta Visha/Hundred Visas (the last one though 😑) The worst so far has to be Sattu (for all those who refuse to spell out my whole name for the sake of saving a million microseconds to play Pokémon Go! 😒)

And my surname doesn’t help either. 😐 It’s Ghorui… And not Garui or Garai or Ghora (the Bengali word for Horse) or Rui (the Bengali word for Rohu Fish) and definitely not Gauri!!

So it becomes Sattu Gauri in the end… (neither am I Shahrukh Khan’s  wife or South Indian or a hybrid between a Horse and a Rohu Fish or more miserably, a packet of Weikfield Cornflour 😅) Lol

The name is a Russo-Sanskrit word which comes from the words SHATA meaning “Hundred” and BHESHAJ meaning “Medicine”. So the proper meaning of the name is “A hundred physicians”...the literal meaning being “A hundred medicines”.

The Rig Veda says, Satavisha is the name given to the group of HUNDRED DOCTORS OF HEAVEN or PHYSICIAN-GODS who healed the other Gods and Demigods with their medicine after they were sent to war with the evil.

Now interestingly, this group of 100 physician gods were actually brothers from the same mother and they were the only ones in heaven to study Medicine, hence their job was to Heal/Cure. Their group is sometimes known as Sanjeevani or Sathyam (which is the male version of Shatabhisha Nakshatra).
Hence the group is asexual? 😅 Okay. Ahem… 

So Shatabhisha nakshatra was named by the hermits and sadhus during the Vedic period, as stated by the four Vedas. It was a sibling constellation to the others like Arundhati, Anuradha, Vishakha, Saptarshi, Krittika etc. 😃

That pretty much explains my existence I guess… 

Yes honey, I am real.

  • How did this blog start? 

      The (Overly Dramatic) Historical Start of My Blog:

        THERE ARE NO WORDS, really. There is nothing I can say or do that will make up for the love that made this blog possible. Of course I did the hard part, which was writing these damn things, but your support is what has kept me going and that’s what’s more important.

      But as they say (who?), behind every succesful woman there is a man who’s a beautiful cross between Richard Gear and Suhel Seth.

      And that most cherished homo sapien in my life just so happens to be Chauhan Sa’ab from Delhi.

      Yes, you heard me right!! It’s the most handsome, most talented, most smart and most inspirational Nitin Chauhan of chauhansaab.
      He played a major role in making me start a blog of my own. Although I still don’t count. His success is something which is almost unachieveable.

      Nitin and I met over…well…facebook. Yea yea I know, it’s a seductive site right?

      The story of how we became friends goes something like this:

      “The guy’s cute. 
      Ohhh shit…daaiiimm…he even writes stuff… gasp!
      Err…Ditsa is mutual?  Umm…wow!
      Should I send him a request? Err…he won’t accept. He doesn’t even know me. 
      Aaaaahhhh well…. Doom!  **Sent** 
      Aab kya hoga? Ummm…ummm…

      **Nitin Chauhan accepted your friend request. Now you can see what he shares with friends. **

      Celebrations celebrations celebrations!!! 
      **background score**
      (Ekk garam chaye ki pyali ho… 
      Koi usko pilaney wali ho) xD xP 
      Umm…let’s check out his stuff… 
      Aarre kya baat! D.U. student…Comp. Sc… Cool!!
      Should I ping him??
      Oh faek!   xD xP   *Sent*

      And the rest is history. (A cooler one though.).

      Nitu checked out my posts and decided I have enough potential to write and influence other worldly beings. He was the one who injected in me the idea for my first post Batty v/s Joker and I’m grateful for it.

      Thank you Nitin for putting this blog through it’s final stages. I hope you’re feeling better now. I know it was a traumatic experience. I love you. ♥

      The only other person who’ll make it up here would be my “Dilliwali Girlfriend”  Ditsa Bhattacharya, the Rudraite and author at “The Anonymous Writer”

      Dittu and I bonded over our love for writing mostly, and also over…well…being fat, weird teenagers. 

      (I’m fatter, I swear. 🙏 )

      She has had enough influence in me, in my style of writing, my views regarding the impeccable creatues moving around me, and my vast outlook towards this world. 

      Do check out her creations at dreamingdahlia.

      So that’s about it… Welcome to my world, my online diary and my ventilator which acts as a window to all my minfreaks, demons and confessions! 🍀 🌸

      Look out for more posts to come! Cheers! 😃🍻