Excerpts from a Fanatic’s Diary: My Days of Chicken-Pox

Dear Diary,

Ahoy!! This is me, Satavisha Ghorui, the “Most Unluckiest Girl in the Whole World” 😦

Well, this wasn’t really a great way to start saying what I’m about to reveal though…but really, who cares?! Anyway it’s not going to make my life any more easier than before and it’s also not going to take away my Chicken-pox!!

Yes, right now I’m affected by this dreadful disease and I can’t even do anything about it! Speaking of doing anything, even my father (who happens to be a physician) is taking everything sooo loosely that it’s making me really angry now! >_<

Mother, of course could be counted upon…since, like every other ‘Normal’ Indian mom she’s always hyper about anything (no offence!)…be it- me getting 23 out of 25 in history (I mean c’mon 21 is not such a bad score after all, especially when we’re talking about History here!) or making me eat Bhindis and brinjals, all smashed together with boiled potatoes (Yuuckk!) since she apparently believes they provide more strength to the body than any other veg. or non-veg. food. She’s so hipocratical and hysterical sometimes! :3

And as of right now, she’s making me eat the all time ‘Classic’- Chicken soup…well,she has a great sense of humour though (I mean, chicken soup during chicken-pox…ged’dit?? 😀 uh! forget it. -_- ).

But truly speaking, it’s definietly NOT the usual yummy one that you find in the market…it’s the one that she makes at home! (bbllaaaaghh!! :3 ) But even after that I love her a lot & I want her to be my mom in all my next births on Earth ( *_* Dramatic, is’nt it?? ).

But the real part is that I look so hideous with these tiny bumps (sorry could’nt think of any other word! :p) on my body that I’ve vowed not to look in the mirror anymore…not that I was any more beautiful earlier,but still. And the worst part is- my Half-Yearly exams are knocking at the door…I can’t even go to school because of this stupid spreading disease…and I’m missing out on all the important classes! I wonder if I’ll even be allowed to sit for my exams if this shitty thing is not cured in time…

Baba says that there’s no accurate medication as it’s cure (what were the stupid inventors of the world doing all this while?? Sleeping?! -_- ) and that it’ll get over soon if I avoid spicy foods and eat a little more “healthy things”. (Nice try dad!! x’D par beti kiski hain?!)

Aaarghh!!! It’s so irritating when you have such a disease…you can’t meet anyone, you have a bloody God damn viral fever going on, you don’t feel like eating anything AND you are FORCED to do exactly that!! :3 (Oh God!! WHY me??)

Right now I’m sitting in total isolation in my room & I can’t even open the window…it’s a spreading virus, you see…what if my neighbours get it from me?! We’ll be thrown out of the colony…or country maybe, if the government gets to know about it!

Well speaking of getting the disease…do you know how I got it?

You see, the Mukherjee’s who live in the fourth floor of our apartment, were affected by this first…their son got it from his stupid friend and from the son, his mother got it…this on the other hand explains how ‘Close’ the mother & son really are. There’s apparently nothing in this world that the son does’nt share with his mommy…even a disease can’t separate the duo!! :”3

-_- And since my “always-there-for-humanity” Dad is a doctor, he was called upstairs to check them and he carried back the virus to our house and unknowingly “implanted” it in me! ( Seriously Dad?! :3 ) He and Ma did’nt get affected by it since the’ve had chicken-pox before (and unsurprisingly a person who has been affected by this disease once,will not be a second time! Thank God!!! *_*) & so the evil viruses decided to hijack into my house (Yes, my body!) and start a World War III with my immunity system (which happens to be a powerful one since I’m one of the few people in the world who are hardly affected by diseases! Take THAT you nasty microbes!! >_< )!!!

I really wonder who’s gonna win… If it’s the viruses (God forbid never! :”3 ) then I won’t be able to give my exams and if it’s my “goody-goody” immuity system then I’ll be lucky enough to live on and hopefully sit for my exams!!! ^_^

By the way, the disease is really not deadly, as we know. But if the viruses win my Baba will surely be off to heaven, obviously not because I’ll die (Because I won’t! Duh! I still have to marry Orlando Bloom!! *___*), but because I’ll be unable to sit for my class-X board exams which may prevent my promotion to class-X which may indirectly provide me with the subjects Humanities or Commerce instead of Science and which will of cource NOT let me become a Doctor (as my father wishes me to be) when I grow up!!! (Sorry,for such a long sentence! :p )

So you can see what hell I’m going through these few days which is “SO NOT FAIR”. -_- These things happen to me only and at times when it is so ‘NOT WANTED’! :3

P.S. I’ve even heard,I don’t know if it’s true or not,that while a person has chicken-pox,he/she will squirt out a whopping,not to mention swopping, 23 litres of pee!!! :3

Hmm…I’ll find that out…(don’t worry,I won’t measure my pee in a measuring cylinder!! :p) Anyway, I’m happy that I won’t have to go through this hell again after this.There’s always a ‘Bright’ side of eveything is’nt it? ^_^

And as they say,”Every cloud has a silver lining!”. 😀 :p

Love and Lights,
September 23rd, 2011.

4 thoughts on “Excerpts from a Fanatic’s Diary: My Days of Chicken-Pox

  1. SabahBatul. says:

    I enjoyed reading this…and I totally get it…we can’t score full marks in all the subjects can we?!! 😛
    And the funny thing is i wrote a similar note in my diary when i had chicken pox.I whined and complained,but found a silver lining in the end.
    I t was a good post.Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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