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Dear Diary,

Think about when it’s Raining… 💧☔ 

How the tiny drops of water come sprinkling on Earth, and then slowly trickle down your window-screen…

It is as if each drop represents the great Warrior Princess living inside you.

It’s a symbol of that Pride and Glory that she pursues, the Faith and Courage that she possesses, the Power and Victory that she endeavours.

But the untroden path to victory is not without hostilities. There are hardships and there will be many more obstacles that would refrain her from achieving her utmost goal. 

Negativity is unavoidable…

There obviously will be times when the Demons would enervate and enfeeble her soul.

But she hardly ever gets stirred by what other beastly beings label her as. She has the least botheration of what they think of her, because she has what it needs to be- Focus, Dedication, Determination and Perseverance.

An énfant terrible, she doesn’t indulge in common worldly pleasures and doesn’t belong to a World of Lies. Her world comprises of Love, Peace, Purity and Humanity.

And that is exactly how one should be…

One should have enough self-esteem and confidence to believe in self-ability.

It is that Power that we need, the Discipline that needs to be maintained at a certain level, that Honesty to our own self is what we require.

That small flickery Fire burning inside us is what needs to be aroused into a Pyre… A pyre that defeats and diminishes all evil and negative and makes us strive for greatness and nobility that every soul deserves.

Life is precious, since we only live once…

And when we are given the Gift of Life, it should be our persistent endeavour to immortalise ourselves, in any and every field of life we choose.

Love and Lights,
Basket. 🌟 

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MALE RAPE-The Truth Not Spoken

​“How is it possible? A man can be raped?”

“That means he was definitely soft/feminine/weak.”
“He is not masculine enough!”

“What a pussy! Can’t even fight back.”

– What you end up hearing, when a Man is, well…”Sexually Assaulted”.

Truth is, “Men can be either sexually assaulted or abused, and it has nothing to do with how masculine they are.”

One out of every ten men is said to have been molested from the age of seven to nineteen. This is a worrisome issue, yet no one is talking about it –this bothers me.

Any guy who dares open up to having been Raped is stoned with questions/comments like the ones I mentioned, or even worse.

Male rape is a global problem that has always been silenced, bundled, and swept aside under the rug; the time has come for it to be preached…

Men who are raped, are more endangered because of the saying: “Men don’t cry.” That ego and charisma of the supposed ‘Male Child’ will not let them voice out. They suffer these abuse and yet pretend or are rather forced to pretend like nothing ever happened. They seal their mouths and carry on daily activities, trying to fight an enormous battle within themselves. Inwardly, they suffer.

I know there are many guy friends, sons, brothers out there, being emotionally and/or physically abused by one elderly woman or man, big brother or sister, or older female or male bullies – as in mixed boarding schools. They won’t talk, they won’t come out, because there are no platforms where they can register their ordeals without being looked upon as clingy immature weak creatures.

Men who are sexually assaulted are highly unlikely to report their victimization or to seek medical or mental health services. These victims find it hard to come out because: “No one should see a man’s tears”. They cry in their closet, wipe their faces dry, hide under facades of false smile. Families live under the positive illusion that: “Oh, Kazeem is doing great; David has no worries; Abhay is fine; Yurei is just a quiet child since birth”

Tell me now… How and Why won’t they look great to you? Do you ever have deep conversations with them? Do you let them confide to you their deepest fears?

Or is it that, you just pat the boys on their back, praise their manliness and success and tell them how proud you are of them?

There is a pressing need for resources to help these victims. There should be more voices chanting ‘help’ in the air. There should be more articles/online resources like this to sensitize parents, school/youth councillors, pastors, public figures, the government, and the masses at large of male rape.

Parents must learn to open up more to their children.

The male child must be aware that whenever someone abuses him sexually, it is Rape and First Degree of Child Abuse, and he has the right to report it and bring such person to to the forefront of glare. He should be armed with knowledge about such situations and not drown himself in self-pity, thinking it is his fault, thinking he may not be man enough, or even thinking the criminal is doing him any favour.

Platforms should be made available where Men can come out freely without fear of being ridiculed, without fear of being blame for his victimization, without fear of being scolded, without being further “Abused”. Families and schools should not shun their victims, but draw him closer and educate him.

If everyone is aware of this peccadillo, we will be more conscious of it, and the rapists and child abusers will give room for a rethink before indulging in such gruesome despicable act, because the masses are awake and night-watching with lit lanterns on their left hands high above their heads and machetes on their right hands, ready to strike. If we do those, male rape will be drastically reduced –if not totally curbed.



The problem here is that, when a Man is raped, unless it is a fresh case, there is no possible way of finding out visually if he’s been assaulted or not.

And in this situation Srija Chowdhuri had stalked the Victim for years after that assault spree ended and then she threatened to ruin his life if he ever went vocal about it. And he was a minor legally when he was sexually abused. 

This is not just Male Rape, but first degree Child Abuse, Cyber Crime and Death Threats.

Imagine visiting an elderly woman’s place, and unknowingly getting abused sexually and when you feel bad about it, she says “Don’t worry. Hush! You’re my darling son aren’t you?” ☺

Ever felt that anger, self-loathe and fury building up withing you over the years? That lump of extreme sadness stuck in your throat and you can’t even cry your heart out, because well…YOU’RE A MAN. MEN DON’T CRY right? ☺

And when that fury comes out, emotional outbursts like these happen. 

My friend was going through huge psychological torture and subsequent emotional breakdown. He may have even thought of finishing himself off. Who knows?

Luckily he was in his senses to confide in me about this gruesome past incident before taking any stupid action, or else a life would have been lost…

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Happy Birthday Teacher!

​Dear little Bukai,

Happy birthday sweet little teacher! 

One more year added to this obnoxiously long weird bazinga life! 🎂 🎊

Let’s just flashback into the Black and White era when Orkut was the “it thing”, mobile phones and internet were not that much important and Leonardo DiCaprio looked much younger and better. 🕒

Our journey together started on the January of 2003 when you were the easy fun-going college girl in First Year and I was a innocently evil kid in Transition who hated all her previous teachers and devised weird plans to get rid of them. 😇

I tried this time too okay?

I tried to get rid of you too. 😈

Especially since you scolded me the day I pricked my little thumb while trying to save a Caterpillar from the clutches of a mosterous Spider one fine Sunday morning. 😕
Because for the next consecutive 7 years, on each April Fool’s Day you managed to get the best of me. 😭

Because you scared the shit outta me when you lied that I was supoosed to attend the excursion to Nicco Park “which is really compulsory otherwise marks will be deducted from Exams” and your other Pointer brother had thus run away to school to attend it… I cried the whole day. 😫

Because you have the most prettiest Handwriting ever and your most important job was to write on the School Labels each new year with a new set of Books. 📚 ✒

Because you told me you were jailed once for 3 months in class 3 for stealing Anwesha Sen’s Tiffin Box and Bag, and that the Jail authorities made you eat Maggi…that too without Masala. 👹

Because you successfully made me believe that your grandmother’s name is Priya Marie Biswas and the Priya Marie Biscuit Company was named after her. 🍪 

Because I was and still am unable to apply perfect strokes of Nail Polish on my right hand and you do it for me (so much for an 18yr old eh?). 😏

Because you applied the first designs of Mehendi on my little hands when I was in Class 2 and needed to look extra “hottie” for a wedding night. 😜

Because you are not at all tech-savy and apparently Gadgets slow down your simple cute life, rather than speeding it up…so you need my help sometimes to “Learn” the uses. 😆 (The only instance in life when you actually learn from Me instead).

Because after Maa and Baba, you’re the Third and only most important person to have influenced this late 90’s kid in all aspects of Life and how to deal with it. 🌻 ☺

Also because your Mom makes excellent Biryani… 🍛 

Because you are the bestest Teacher of all time (ever since the Neanderthals discovered the use of Fire 🔥) and my “Last” one ever whom I will love beyond now and forever more… 💖

To my first Elder Sister, second Best-Friend, third Mother and fourth Teacher… 💝 💝 💝

Love and Lights,

Your First Student,


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An Open Letter to Mankind

I have recently opened a Page on Facebook called Verbosity and Life which mainly publishes anything that is considered Art and Creative…be it Proses/Poetry/Opinions/Essays/Open Letters/Movie Reviews…you name it. And at the same time deals with this dreaded disease called Verbose, which in simple words is, the act of not being able to finish your thoughts or spoken language in lesser words. Thus we aim at aspiring authors, poets and entrepreneurs who suffer from Verbose and hence have bigger and better things to say, that too, in as many words as they want to, no limitations on language.

Because most other pages out there over the internet, are either “Tiny Tales” or “2 Sentence Stories” which I believe, kills the point if literal exploring with their word limits.


Now due to me being one of the 6 (and only Female) Admins of this page (you’ll get the context soon), I get a lot of responses from all over the World regarding essays and open letters they want us to publish about social issues…which is fine… We’d love to hear what everybody has to say.

But sometimes, I believe, because everybody following Verbosity and Life knows that the Page has an Indian base, foreigners and even some NRIs tend to throw hate comments towards India, while expressing their opinion.

And apparently, 95% of the hatred comes from India being termed as “The Rape Country” of the World right now.

No, I am not surprised.

Yes, people get raped here. The statistics have risen considerably, which is extremely unfortunate. I know.


Not every Indian is a rapist.

And the whole of India is not “A Country of Rapists”.

This is an Open Letter directed to all foreigners and all Indians who’re ashamed of either being even remotely associated to India or of India for becoming “The Country of Rapists”.


Dear Fellow Humans,

This may as well sound otherwise, but, at the time being I don’t find it rational enough to refer to my own motherland as a “Country of Rapists”.

I, like any other Woman, am extremely vulnerable to the ruthless nature, that the society has become. 

I am obviously scared to walk the streets alone anymore.

Even I find it reasonably hard to trust any male personality I come across (friend or unknown)…

Yes, I am afraid, of being just one of those victims who’ve been molested, raped, brutally ripped off their souls and left to die there on the streets.

But yet again, calling the whole country a Rapist Nation makes me question my own upbringing.

The society is no longer safe for women and children now. Things have obviously taken a toll for the worse…

Female Foeticides, girl child being killed, Fathers molesting their own daughters, Brothers raping their sisters, Friends who cannot be trusted with your life…

But instead of blaming the nation, why dont we trying changing the society itself?

Stand up for a cause that has to be implemented, changing the mentality, the attitude of the patriarchal society towards women, punishing anybody who harms the prestige of the nation.

We call India our “Motherland” dont we?

Then why are our mothers, daughters and sisters being subjected to gruesome beastly torture?

Is that not an insult to the nation already?

Not every other man in India is a rapist. I personally believe, being called a “RAPIST” is by far, the biggest insult the male community could ever face.

I feel sorry for any good man out there, because like us Women, Men’s lives have become vulnerable too, day by day.

I have Male friends who’re literally boons for me, because they are there to standup for me in times of need, they’d take a bullet to protect any woman who needs them, they love and  respect any girl out there as a possible incarnation of a Wife, Daughter, Mother, or Sister they’ve or they will ever know.

But what makes me sad is that, due to the existential crisis of humanity, most Good men are now being either suspected or subjected to emotional harassment.

We Women are vulnerable for our lives, and Men out there are vulnerable for being objectified. Objectified for being being a Man in himself, objectified because well, he can NEVER be TRUSTED. Because apparently every Man out there is a Rapist, wandering the streets, hunting for the next victim.

Not every Man is bad. No.

And not every Indian Man is bad either.

You see how this is related now?

There is still good left in all of us. Believe it.

Give yourself a chance. To be Good. And to think Good.

And blaming the whole country, or the whole Male Community, for something a handful of bastards have commited won’t do any better.

It’s the same as abandoning a whole house down and doing nothing about the Germs that lurk inside, infect it’s interiors.

We must stand up for what is right. The sinners will have to be punished for all wrongs they have done. At the same time, we will not subject every other Man to emotional drain and random suspection.

Let us all Know, before we Speak.

No place is safe for anybody. But there is still hope. Hope for the equality that should actually be the dream. Equality in how you treat people with love.

And we will make it CHANGE.

India will no longer be a #countryofrapists .

And #notallmenarebad 


Love and Lights,

A Girl Who Has Good Guy Friends. 💟

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Things Mom Never Told You About Love

Okay so umm…before I even start speaking about certain glamorous patented theories about “Love”…I’d like to clarify here, that this post is by no means an offence to Mothers worldwide.
It can’t be. Right?

Mothers are impeccable creatures. There’s something about Moms that you just can’t resist (Keep ya thoughts clean bruh).

Mom is a Superwoman… The REAL one (Not the punk Punjabi Canadian you’ll find on YouTube 😁). They’re the mortal blood-skin-potty versions of Goddess Durga or Venus who’ve been moulded from the very beginning to successfully achieve this grand feat of life, earning and playing the role of “A Mother”.

**slow claps and applause from behind** 👏 🎊 

Mom knows everything. Like literally everything. (Starting from Black Holes and Asteroids, going through Menstrual Cycle and that recipe for Meat-Pie, ending with why you shouldn’t be sleeping with that hunk from Tuesday’s tuition classes and why you should gain some more kilograms because apparently…every kid, rich or poor, is malnourished, in the eyes of mother.) 🙏

And Mothers can multitask. (Damn that superpower).

I‘ve literally seen my Mom Cooking Lunch, whilst Calling Dad for the new set of Groceries, Writing Cheques for my school, Arguing with the Maid because she didn’t show up yesterday, supervising my Homework and checking Spellings, ticking off the Calendar, changing my baby bro’s Diaper and Washing him up!

Plus once she even baked a Cake 🎂 whilst on a Conference call with important people (judicious use of the mute button eh?).

But sometimes even Moms miss out on petty-yet-important things about life children should be knowing.

But you can’t blame them really. Afterall, everything cannot be Taught in that sense. Sometimes you just have to learn it the hard way.

And if I really know anything about Love, you probably won’t find it in this particular post, but maybe, just maybe you’ll pick up a few useful tips for the journey.


The Atomic Structure of Love:-

Lol there’s really no possible scientific explanation to Love.

Of course the Oxytocin, Chocolates, Puppies and Benedict Cummberbatch do their job… 🍶 🌸 🐶 But… 

What really is love? 💖 💟

When does it happen? 🕒 (Is it seasonal, like Oranges? 🍊

How does Love happen? 😓

Why the f***k does Love happen even bruh? 😅

If it happens, and it’s good for you, how do you make it STAY? 😇

If it doesn’t stay after all, how to deal with HEARTBREAK? 💔

How to MOVE ON? (That is, find your next immediate Sacrifice.) 😔

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio still not married? 😑

Ahem. Well…


Things She Never Said:-

Well my Mom didn’t give me much free advice about Men, unless you count “Your Father is the only good one out there and everyone else is a Pig.” 🐷 (Thanks, Mom. 😅)

Hopefully others got better, more insightful advice about Love and dating/marrying/living with your Beloved, although I maintain my mother’s advice isn’t entirely off-base, afterall they’re the coolest Homo Sapiens ever. (Try ’em 😎)

We accept the Love we think we deserve. – Stephen Chbosky, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER

Well to him I wanna say, “Damn you, Mr. Chbosky! Who do you think you are with that unpronounceable last name and the ability to frame a sentence to make people weep?!” 😭

To be very honest (I am. Trust me.) there are few people around the world who’ve managed to find THE RIGHT ONE for themselves. For the rest of us Hooligans, it’s a matter of:

  1. Trial and Error
  2. Compromise
  3. Hunting for the “Next Eligible Sacrifice” (my present relationship status, as mentioned above)
  4. Pups and a marathon of Sitcoms (=dark circles)

Thinking about it, all options seem pretty optimistic except for #2.


It may seem like a really happening thing to do at the moment…but umm…it’s NOT. (Sorry hun!).

You see both You and you Partner have Friends. Some of them are Mutual (y’all share the love), some of them are Not.(Aliens from Jupiter.) 👽 

But practically ALL of them have OPINIONS.

Yep. If you’re Human and you have brain and tits, you will have OPINIONS.

And let’s face it, we all know the hard truth, WE CAN NEVER MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. 😏

And for those Friends who’re the “I’m Unhappy With The Choice of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend” kind… DO NOT let them give you (seemingly valuable) input and advice about your Partner.

Nope. Never.

Because you little Coconut head will get filled up with garbage (90% possibility) opinions about your loved one, and guess what… YOU’LL BELIEVE THEM eventually. 🌴 🌴 🌴

Because Why? You knew your “Friends” (Who can NEVER be wrong. Apparently.) earlier than you even met your Boyfriend/Girlfriend and hence you Trust their every word. 💣

So best is you keep your little lovey dovey world outside of social media and keep it a secret UNTIL you get the Government involved, in which case, NO Villain can separate you two except for the Divorce Papers. ✌

She: Hey babe I love you! 😙

He: I love you too. 😍

She: Let’s get the Government involved so you don’t run away easy! 🙌


Nope. Never. Ever. EVER.

  1. Don’t do it just ‘coz He/She forced you to.
  2. Don’t do it because your Best Friend did it on the first go. (He’s just more horny than the Clintons. Trust me.) 
  3. Don’t do it because you think you’re being very Backdated.
  4. Don’t do it because you believe you’re Aging fast (and you just discovered a Wrinkle under your left eye last night)
  5. Don’t do it because some long-distant-never-met-before Aunt mocked you about your figure.

DO IT because YOU WANT TO. 😊 (And this applies for Sex, Marriage, and all other possibly overrated Human activities that one can be asked to do in their lifetime. Period.)


 Keep ya li’l heads purified ya li’l nasties! 😂

By this I’m not referring to the usual sexual touch that we all (preferably) know.

It’s a normal Human Touch. You know what I mean?

I may sound a bit off-beat right now, but I believe maintaining the feel, the touch helps in strengthening the Bond (induced hydrogen bonds. Lol 😂 ) that we all have.

Like let’s say,

  1. Holding Hands 🐰
  2. Hugging 🐣
  3. Cuddling (Kitten Style) 🐱
  4. Getting Under the warm cozy Blanket and believing you’re literally floating on Cloud 9 ☁ (Nope. No Doraemon involved.)
  5. Sharing Clothes cz women look like Fire 🔥 in Men’s attire (Wash them though. And use a lotta Deo. I Steal mine’s. 😏)
  6. Cook for each other! 😃 (Even if your cookie turns out to be a Carbon Cake) 🍪
  7. Do It with consent. (y’all happy now?) 😑 

Okay I know there’s this over-hyped thing about “Individual Liberty”… And I’m not interfering in anybody’s space at all. 

Just that sometimes Doing Things that yout Partner loves to do, that is, Sharing Interests as a whole helps a lot. A hell lot. 🎌

To all the women,

  1. Try and watch Soccer a bit. ⚽ (I know it’s painful. And you may never really overcome the brutality of Goals on screen. 📺 But just for HIM okay?)
  2.  De-Stress him by actually LISTENING to him. (😂 Yea shutting up works like magic sometimes!)
  3. Watch an Action/Manly movie ⚡🎬 (Just gulp down your vitamin pills and try to stay awake through the whole process. 😸)
  4. Do it okay? (You knew this would be here. Accept it. 😭)
  5. While doing the TV thing, just scream out random reactions after every 5 mins. (atleast he’ll know you’re still alive and working on it 💀)
  6. Give him some Bro-time. 👦(Disappear temporarily and show up just when they’re planning the next date. 😈)

To all Men,

  1. Cuddle. A LOT. A HELL LOT. (because women are delicate Kittens who want Tuna and Nutella and clouds.) 🐱 🍫 ☁
  2. Go Shopping. (Atleast just let her see the Front Door of the Mall 😭)
  3. Visit the Salón together sometimes. (Bcz Men need grooming too right? 💆)
  4. Watch RomComs (may the balls be with you mate!🍀) and cute Animated Flicks (applicable for baby girlfriends 👶)
  5. Rescue Her (damsel in distress 👑) from all possible mortal Dangers and Armageddon (spiders, cockroaches, black nasty rats, ghosts, FLYING COCKROACHES etc.) 🐞🐲
  6. Work out a bit, so you can be Tall enough to reach out for the jar of Nutella from the top shelf. 🍫
  7. Let her Touch your Hair once every 2 months. (All women are natural Beauticians. Remember that. So you’re in safe hands. 💇)


Yea we’ll NEVER be the same.

But if y’all survived this post, Ping me up in the comments below if you need more of Bad Relationship Advices from Me (a fat, lonely, self-loathing, bathroom singer Chipmunk 🐹).

A very Happy Birthday to St. Valentine 🎂 and wish you all memorable Day of Love! 💘

Toodles! 👋 🎏 🍃

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      My Page: Verbosity and Life

      Hey guys! It’s been long since I’ve posted here.
      I was a bit occupied with my Page. And that’s what I’m gonna talk about today.

      You see, I have recently started this page on facebook called Verbosity and Life (visit the link please! 😊).

      The word Verbosity means, “the inability to finish stories in lesser words Or the quality of using more words than needed”.

      True to it’s title, Verbosity and Life aims at expressing your full Creativity through longer and more expressive works (Stories or Poems) and not destroying the fluidity of Writing in short sentences or 100 words stories. 

      The page is growing fast, and now all I need some Guests to come on board and Write for us.

      Please please please visit the Page link and go through the recent post on Guest-o-paedia.

      Our Instagram handle: verbosityandlife

      Our Twitter handle: @verbosity_life

      Every Monday is our “Guest’s Day”.

      Our 6 Admins (including ME) post every Thursday.

      Now if you become a recurring Guest, you will earn your very own specialized Album on our Page, so that people can find you easy!

      Just keep sending us your old work (Prose/Poem) as of now. Afterall we Authors need time to come up with new posts right? ✒ 📝 
      We’ll give you that time. 🕒 

      Send us your Work, and with a Title of your choice, and a specific Theme for the post.
      Your work will be published in Picture Card format.

      Until then save the Love! And keep Writing!
      Visit the link above to Like and Share.



      The Team.